Members and Renters

As stated in the Corporation's Tariff, the "MEMBER" is the owner of the property.  If the owner/member desires to rent their property to other individuals and have the bill sent directly to the renter, he/she must fill out and sign an Alternate Billing Agreement each time a new renter moves in.

Fees and responsibilities of the owner/member:

A $35.00 trip fee will be charged each time an owner requests a trip to the property for special meter readings, meter disconnection or reconnection, and any other reasons that fall outside of the responsibility of the Corporation as per the Corporation's Tariff and the Dean Water Supply Service Application and Agreement (This link is NOT for new members who are purchasing property--see Forms & Reports->All Forms & Reports->Application for New Home Owner/New Meter Installation for a complete new member packet.)

The owner/member assumes all responsibility for any unpaid water bills left by an outgoing renter, which must be paid in full before placing the bill into another renter's name.

A $5 service fee is charged each time an owner/member requests to be notified about their renter's past due status.


Q: Do you take deposits from renters?

A: NO. This is the sole responsibility of the owner.

Q: Why do I have to pay for unpaid water and fees left by an outgoing renter?

A: This is a legal requirement as stated in the Corporation's Tariff and included in the Alternate Billing Agreement that you must sign each time a new renter moves in.

Q:  How do I avoid paying the trip fees and other fees involved?

A: Do not allow the bill to be sent to the renter.  Include water with your rent and take responsibility for sending in the monthly water payment for your rental property.  This ensures that you are always aware of the water usage, thereby keeping you aware when there are large leaks that may damage your investment.


For more information, see the Corporation's Tariff.  The following excerpt is taken from Section E.18 of the Dean Water Supply Corporation Tariff, which is on file with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  Section E.18 reads as follows:

E.18.  Members and Renters.  Any Member having complied with the requirements of this Tariff, renting or leasing property designated to receive service according to the terms of this tariff to other parties, is responsible for all charges due to the Corporation. The membership for rental or leased properties shall be in the name of the Member as required by this Tariff.  The Corporation may bill the renter or lessee for utility service (at Member Request) as a third party, but the Member is fully responsible for any and all unpaid bills left by the renter/lessee.  The Member shall be required to sign an Alternate Billing Agreement if the Member requests that the tenant be billed for utility service.  (See Miscellaneous Transaction Forms.)  The Member shall take responsibility for any necessary deposits from the renter/lessee to ensure payment of a past-due bill. The Corporation will notify the Member of the renter’s past due payment status. Such notification will be subject to a service charge (see Miscellaneous Transaction Forms). 

If at any time the member requests that membership be canceled thereby discontinuing service to an occupied rental property, the Corporation shall provide written notice to the tenant(s) a minimum of five (5) days prior to the scheduled disconnection date.