All Forms & Reports

NEW HOME OWNERS:  Purchased an existing home in our water system?  Please print, fill out and sign/initial where indicated on this form.   CAREFULLY READ all instructions!!  We MUST have all information and supporting documents brought in by 4:30 PM Monday-Friday to turn on service in your name on the same day.  Anything brought in after 4:30 PM time will be processed the following business day.

RENTERS: If you are renting a property in our service area, the owner/manger of the property must contact us first.  The owner/manager will need to print, fill out and sign this form.

NEW METER: Need to purchase a new meter?  This is the form you will need to print, fill out and sign/initial where indicated.  READ CAREFULLY! The form and all supporting documentation must be turned in before 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

ACH BANK DRAFT:  Want to sign up for free monthly auto draft?  Print, fill out and sign this form and return ASAP.  (All instructions regarding auto draft are on the form itself.)